Our Constitution

ARTICLE 1 Title and Definition
The name of this organization is the medical Association of the Bahamas (M.A.B.).

ARTICLE 1.1 Area
The area of the Association is the commonwealth of the Bahama Island.

ARTICLE 1.1.1 Objects
The Objects of the Association are:

Section (1) To foster better relationship among the members of the medical profession in the Bahamas.

Section (2) To improve professional knowledge and skills of its members.

Section (3) To improve the standard of medical services in the Bahamas.

Section (4) To exert influence on behalf of, and for the benefit of the people of the Bahamas in matters of health.

Section (5) To support a high standard of ethics and conduct.

Section (6) To further the interests of the profession in all its spheres of activity.

Section (7) To promote affiliation both within and without the area of the Association with other Medical Organizations whose objectives.

ARTICLE IV (A) Membership

The members of the Association shall be Ordinary, Associate, Affiliate, Honorary, Emeritus and Student.

Section (1) Ordinary Members

Ordinary membership shall normally be limited to physicians registered and, or licensed to practice medicine in any area of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, and who are ordinarily resident in the area of the Association. Election to membership may be obtained through the branch Associations, or directly from the Association Headquarters in New Providence.

If there is branch association in the geographical area where the applicant resides, direct application cannot be made to the National Headquarters of Association. Others in the Family Island districts must make their applications directly to the New Providence Headquarters. Only ordinary members are entitled to hold office in the Association.

Section (2) Associate Members

Associate members shall be Bahamian Physicians located in foreign countries or foreign physicians resident but not practicing in the Bahamas, or members of allied science deemed eligible by the Executive Council.

Associate members shall enjoy all the privileges of the Association without the right to vote or hold office.

Section (3) Affiliate Members

Affiliate members shall be physicians who are members of medical organizations in foreign countries who are recommended by the Executive Council. Affiliate members are not entitled to vote or hold office, and are not required to pay dues.

Section (4) Honorary Members

Honorary members shall be individuals who have made notable contributions in the field of medicine or allied sciences, and are elected to membership by the Executive Council.

Section (5) Emeritus Members

Emeritus members shall be physicians who have served the organization well for at least twenty years, and have reached the age of sixty-five. They shall have all the rights and privileges of the Association, and are exempted from paying dues for life.

Section (6) Student Members

Student members shall be student duly matriculated in an accredited medical school. They shall have the same rights and privileges as associate members.

ARTICLE IV (B) Termination Membership

Membership of the Association may be terminated in any of the following ways:-

Section (1) By resignation, subject to such notice as may be prescribed by the Bye-Laws.

Section (2) By default in payment of membership dues for such a period as may be prescribed by the Bye-Laws.

Section (3) When the members no longer fulfills the requirements of membership.

Section (4) By expulsion.

The Executive Council shall have the power of expulsion on the grounds that the conduct of the member is detrimental to the honor and interests of the Medical Profession or Association or calculated to bring the Profession into disrepute or on the grounds that the member has willfully and persistently refused to comply with the Rules of the Association.

The Executive Council shall have this power after due enquiry. A notice of not less than fourteen days prior to the enquiry shall be served on this member specifying the time and place of the enquiry and the charges made against him.

A majority of two thirds of the full Executive Council shall be required for the purpose of the exercising the power of expulsion.

ARTICLE IV (C) Re-eligibility

Any person who has ceased to be a member of the Association will not be eligible for re-election until he shall have paid all delinquent subscriptions. Any person whose membership shall have been terminated under Section (b) Clause 4, shall not be eligible for re-election without prior sanction of the Executive Council.

ARTICLE IV (D) Limitation

A member shall retain his membership as long as he complies with the provisions of the Constitution and Bye-Laws, and with the principles of Medical Ethics. A member shall hold one type of membership only in the Medical Association of the Bahamas at any one time.

ARTICLE IV (E) Branch Associations

A group of five or more physicians who practice on an island o region of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and who are licensed and/or registered to practice Medicine in the Bahamas, may apply to form a branch of the association. While maintaining full rights and privilege of the Association, members of such a branch would elect its own branch officers. The application must specify the name of the branch and submit the names and addresses of each officer and member of the branch to the national headquarters. Upon receipt of the prescribed branch dues, the branch will be informed by the Executive Council in writing, if approved, hat it has become a branch of the Medical Association of the Bahamas. The Executive Council shall cause to be printed in the next issue of the journal of the Medical Association of the Bahamas an announcement of the new branch.

ARTICLE V Executive Council

The Executive Council shall consist of seven (7) members: the President, Past President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and two members-at-large. At least five of these members must be Bahamians as defined in the constitution of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. The Past President shall be elected annually by secret ballot.

The Council shall meet monthly or when deemed necessary.

The quorum for these meetings shall be four.

The functions of the Council shall be:-

(a) The management of the affairs of the Association.

(b) To elect new members to the Association.

(c) To fill causal vacancies among the members of the Executive Council.

(d) To furnish an annual report and financial statement to the Association.

ARTICLE VI Officers of the Association

(a) Designations
The Officers of the Association shall be President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

(b) Qualifications
An officer must be an ordinary member as defined in Article IV Section 1. Ordinary members are not eligible to hold office if, at the time of nomination, they hold office in any other Medical Association in the Bahamas.

(c) Nominations
Nominations for office shall be made from the floor at the annual general meeting. Members shall be allowed to submit their nomination in writing and shall be given sufficient notices as laid down in the Bye-Laws.

(d) Elections
Election of Officers shall take place at the annual general meeting. All election shall be by secret ballot. A simple majority of votes cast shall be necessary to elect.

(e) Quorum
One third of ordinary members must be present at an annual general meeting to constitute a quorum.

(f) Rites and Duties of Officers

(1) President
The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and of Executive Council, and with the advice and consent of this council perform such duties as will enhance the general welfare of the Association. He will have the right to a casting vote. He shall not serve for more than three (3) consecutive terms.

(2) Vice President
The Vice President shall officiate for the President during his absence, and shall otherwise perform such duties as may be assigned to him from time by the President.

(3) Secretary
The Secretary shall be responsible for minutes at all meetings and for all correspondence of the Association.

(4) Treasurer
The Treasurer shall be official collector and custodian of all securities and finances owned by the Association subject to the direction and disposition of the Executive Council.


(a) There shall be an annual general meeting in each calendar year to present the annual report and financial statement, and to elect officers for the ensuing year. Not more than fifteen months shall elapse between the date of one annual general meeting and that of the next. Two weeks written notice shall be gives to each member before the annual general meeting is held.

(b) There shall be at last four regular meetings each year. Notice of such meetings will be circulated by the secretary. No quorum is necessary for such meetings.

(c) Special general meetings may be called by the President or upon application to the Executive Council by 20% of voting members of the Association. The quorum for special meeting shall be one third of the voting members.

ARTICLE VIII Dues, Funds and Assessments

Funds may be raised by annual dues as laid down in the Bye-Laws or in any manner approved by the Association. All ordinary members are required to pay full membership dues, and associate members shall pay a reduced amount determined by the Executive Council.

ARTICLE IX Amendments

Amendments to three Rules require a Two-thirds majority vote of the total voting membership at an annual or special general meeting called for such a purpose.

Notice of the proposed amendments specifying the exact words of the proposed alterations, additions or repeals must be given to members for consideration at least thirty days in advance.

If a two-third majority vote of the total membership is not obtained at this meeting, then a simple majority vote may be accepted at a special meeting called no less than two weeks hence.


Voting shall be by secret ballot or show of hands. Those not able to attend the meeting at which the votes are taken may submit their votes by proxy in writing.

ARTICLE XI Public Statements

No public statement shall be made expressing the views of the Association except by the President or by his representative and then only on the instruction by the Executive council, or, by a majority vote of the Association.


(a) Annual dues and special assessments for specifics shall be paid by ordinary and associate members in amounts recommended by the Executive Council and approved by the members. Branch members may pay their dues to their branch association, and the branch treasurer will submit the prescribed amount to the National Headquarters.

(b) Dues shall be paid to the Treasurer of the Association.

(c) Payment of membership dues will include the privilege to receive any publication of the Association or any other publication which the Association may decide to introduce.

(d) Delinquency – An active member is delinquent if his dues are not transmitted to the Treasurer of the Medical Association of the Bahamas thirty days before the Annual General Meeting of the year which dues are prescribed; and he shall forfeit his active membership if his delinquent dues are not paid within thirty days after notice of delinquency. He may be reinstated, after payment of all delinquent dues, at the discretion of the Executive Council shall have the power to waive membership dues in certain circumstances.

ARTICLE IV Termination

Termination may be by:

(1) Resignation – thirty days notice in writing having been given to the Secretary of the Medical Association of the Bahamas.

(2) By delinquency of dues as stated in the Bye-Laws relating to Article VIII.


(a) Notice of the Annual General Meeting should be given at last thirty days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

(b) The Annual General Meeting will normally be held in January of each year.